Wind Energy & Capital Markets

You are active in the wind power sector? We have attractive solutions for you.

Since ever people use the wind. Since about 2o years there are now wind turbines in Austria. In these years, this market, which is basically dominated by two groups of investors, growing steadily. In addition to (semi) public utilities private investors are engaged in this field partly together with the first group. This growth has been supported a long time by banks. First, direct loans and through bonds, which were arranged by these banks. These columns have regressed in recent times. Private companies therefore have only two ways to ensure further growth.

This growth will take place. You can find more information in the blog of our Partner firm in the field of real assets, Areta GmbH. “Windenergie für den Kapitalmarkt”.

Windenergy for capital markets


Advisory / Banking 4.0: On the other hand, there is currently very much money from institutional investors, which is collected regularly and is to be invested profitably creating stable cash flows and long maturities. These are insurances, pension funds, family offices, foundations and funds.

The essential step is the proper transform your needs into the language of investors. FRC understands both sides, the real world and the world of finance. We put on new columns so that you can represent your growth. But how you will find the right way?

Either you get the capital market on your own balance sheet, or you try it off balance. We are able to provide you with a tailor-made concept that is precisely tailored to your needs. Based on our experience we recommend family and medium-sized comapies who want to have this position and the success achieved from sustainably held, clearly the one approach. The construction of another source of funding outside the balance sheet. This objective is in principle generated in three different ways.

  1. Single transaction
  2. Pooling
  3. Operating company

We are happy to show you the advantages and disadvantages of these options and assist you in the implementation. Our partnerships lead you to more success.


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