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Investment process

As FRC we see ourselves as your partner in all aspects of the investment. We act completely independently of any product interests and act as your partner in the commercial investment advisory. This approach we are implementing since long time.

Asset Allocation is the key to success…

The first starting point concerns the investment structure. It is important that our customers understand the entire investment process and therefore also realize this way. At the top of this is the question of asset allocation or the distribution of the individual asset classes to the entire portfolio. Questions like risk / return structure play a crucial role. What is my risk-bearing capacity? How much room to move do I have?

The answer to that can be given to study only in the context of a so-called Asset-Liability-Study (ALM). Each investment process is reflected in the operation of obligations. Exactly this process every investor should develop. It is also important to develop an investment strategy, which covers short-term and long-term topics.

Besides the question of asset allocation in our view the appropriate selection of products and manager is the next focal point. But of course you should have thesmall proper perspective.  This we ensure by long-standing partnerships with internationally active investment consultants. Issues such as active vs. passive strategies and interesting “alternative investments” round off the steps.

…proper monitoring and reporting features …

Of course, a contingency plan and a master plan for extraordinary events should not be missing. Especially important is the existence of an effective reporting and monitoring system, including documentation. Based on this there are steps for an ongoing control of the investment process.

It is apparent that thus a transparent investment prozess is to understand something other than the pure focus on searching for products. As in any process a proper preparation increases probability of success.


For visualization, please see below our chart.

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Heinz Hofstaetter
Over 20 years of international experience in senior management positions in the areas of consulting, banking, finance, asset management, valuation and Real Assets.