Loan tenders for cities and municipalities require experts and personalized digitization…

Together with our customers, we have examined the essential requirements for loan requests from cities and municipalities. It is also about regional and partnership solutions. As a result, we present the success factors for municipal financing.

FRC parameter

  • Best possible preparation and follow-up of fundraising
  • Knowledge of the respective banks or financiers and their behavior
  • Borrower’s creditworthiness combined with supporting ongoing reporting
  • Extensive knowledge and experience in supply and demand
  • Personal commitment, time and know-how
  • System technical equipment of the service provider
  • Clear focus on digitalization in financing with a personal tangent
  • Correct “mixing ratio” at the right time

This ensures that our customers achieve the best possible result and can maintain the necessary partnerships.

About The Author

Heinz Hofstaetter
Over 20 years of international experience in senior management positions in the areas of consulting, banking, finance, asset management, valuation and Real Assets.