FRC launches partnership with Kommunalnet…

Now that FRC-Finance & Risk Consult GmbH (FRC) has established itself as a well-known service provider for Austrian municipalities in the field of finance, FRC is starting a sustainable partnership with Kommunalnet.

The purpose of this partnership is for the Austrian municipalities to gain sustainable know-how in the field of financing and risk management via the largest work and information portal. The FRC’s services are always structured in such a way that there is an ongoing exchange between the municipality and the service provider and thus the municipality can build up extensive experience in the field of finance.

We limit ourselves to the main topic, the analysis of loans and investments as well as the ongoing support.


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About Kommunalnet: Kommunalnet eGovernment Solutions GmbH (Kommunalnet) operates the platform; With around 2,100 municipalities and associations of municipalities, this is the largest employment and information portal in the municipal sector. Behind the platform are, inter alia, the Association of Austrian Municipalities and its regional associations.

About FRC: FRC-Finance & Risk Consult GmbH (FRC) is an essential service provider for municipalities in the field of financing and risk management and has the know-how and the technical equipment to develop individual concepts and financial strategies together with the customers and make them sustainable to support.

About The Author

Heinz Hofstaetter
Over 20 years of international experience in senior management positions in the areas of consulting, banking, finance, asset management, valuation and Real Assets.