Fairness between municipalities and bank … even in times of crisis

Fairness between municipalities and bank, also when calculating interest. Regular account checks help to guarantee the correct account settlement and not to pay too much interest. In the current situation, acting at eye level is important for all parties.

Not everyone accounts fairly and correctly. Mistakes can happen. Of course, banks may also adjust interest rates on current accounts if this has been contractually agreed. Of course, these then have to be lowered again with the market down. That is fair and correct. But can you check this in the community or do you check it constantly?

By using digital financial calculation and contract management software, we have started to make these complex and complicated calculations transparent. In this way, we have helped many communities to make fair and correct bills.

We also make this know-how available to you. As a municipality, you have to provide your bank with proof of these accounting problems; not the other way around. Who will help you protect your rights and ensure fair and correct billing? You are free to protect your rights; actually a shame
That is why it is important to insist on fairness and correctness. We will show you how to get your interest rates correctly and that these are really interesting sums and not just “peanuts” – especially in times of crisis. Order a free initial analysis of your financing with regard to negative interest rates and market conformity of the interest charges.

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Heinz Hofstaetter
Over 20 years of international experience in senior management positions in the areas of consulting, banking, finance, asset management, valuation and Real Assets.