Clarification of interest rate indicators for the Gemeinde Pötting (OÖ)

„As part of the exercise of our due diligence on the subject of negative interest rate indicators in our municipal financing, we became aware of FRC – Finance & Risk Consult GmbH (FRC) with branches in St. Pölten and Eisenstadt. The collaboration with FRC has turned out to be very fruitful in recent months. In our opinion, the results achieved correspond to efficient, sustainable and also partnership-based problem solutions. In the course of the implementation we have come to appreciate the competence of the FRC in the area of community financing. We are happy to recommend FRC not least because the final decision-making authority always remains with us as a municipality.

Bgm. LAbg. Peter Oberlehner
Bürgermeister der Gemeinde Pötting
Pötting 55, 4720 Pötting
T    +43 (0) 7733 7285
M   [email protected]

Queries to FRC:
FRC – Finance & Risk Consult GmbH
Mag. Heinz Hofstaetter
T +43 664 816 34 28
[email protected]

Image source: Gemeinde Pötting

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