CRM / Kundensupport

Stellenbeschreibung FRC – Finance & Risk Consult GmbH ist der unabhängige Berater für Gemeinden im Bereich Finanzierungen und Veranlagungen in Österreich und erbringt laufende Dienstleistungen für Gemeinden im Bereich Finanzierungscontrolling und Kreditausschreibungen. Dies auch in digitaler Form über unsere Kreditplattform. Aufgrund des Wachstums in den letzten Monaten verstärken wir uns im Bereich CRM / Kundensupport […]

Portfolio concept for municipal financial instruments (investment & financing)

Was heißt eigentlich „Portfolio“? Unter Portfolio hat man ursprünglich eine Mappe verstanden, in der ein Künstler seine Bewerbungsunterlagen präsentiert hat. Dabei waren stets mehrere Kunstwerke vorhanden. Somit stellt ein Portfolio einen Bestand an artverwandten Rechtsobjekten, wie zB. Finanzinstrumente dar. https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Portfolio Bei kommunalen Finanzinstrumenten sollte der Portfoliogedanke sowohl auf der Veranlagungs- als auch auf der Finanzierungsseite […]

Deposit guarantee for municipalities …

Due to the current occasion and in connection with the collapse of the Commerzialbank Mattersburg, we expressly point out that the portfolio idea should also prevail with investments as well as savings. In principle, state deposit insurance is also available for institutions with EUR 100,000 per customer and bank, although there are exceptions to the […]

Digitization in municipal financing, FRC thanks Susan Niederhöfer.

As a digital service provider for municipal financing, we also have close partnerships. Our partner in the area of digital credit platforms for municipalities, cities and municipalities, komuno GmbH in Frankfurt am Main, has made a change in the management. Ms. Susan Niederhöfer, general manager, handed over the baton to Mr. Thomas Eitenmüller in order […]

Mediaplanet & “Land und Gemeinde”…

Mediaplanet launches an interesting campaign. Kampagne in Land und Gemeinde zum Thema Future | Work | Economy. A guide for companies and communities. In addition to essential partners, the Österreichische Gemeindebund is also involved. FRC was allowed to report on digital financing controlling for cities and municipalities. Credit conditions should be efficient, especially in times […]

Digital financing controlling and ongoing reporting for municipalities

Efficient credit conditions are particularly important in difficult situations. For this reason, we have developed ongoing municipal financing controlling. In the context of municipal financial management, a variety of topics arise in the municipality and for outsourced units and companies. These make it seem sensible to install an external partner to look after your financing […]

OGH on “Negative Interest Stadt Steyr” for contracts without a lower limit and what we learn from the opinion of well-known lawyers.

The OGH has rejected the revision of the judgment in the “Model Proceedings of the City Association” of the city of Steyr against KA Finanz AG from the lower court. This means that the judgment of the Court of Appeal is now final and the proceedings are closed (as is well known, parts of the […]

Public Finance: We are hiring and looking for you for our digital service.

Job Description FRC – Finance & Risk Consult GmbH with its headquarters in Eisenstadt and main activities in Eastern Austria (focus in Upper Austria, Lower Austria and Burgenland) is the independent consultant for municipalities in the area of financing and investments in Austria. We provide ongoing services for municipalities in the area of finance controlling […]

Corona Aid Package 2020 for Municipalities and Considerations Regarding Funding Aspects …

A comprehensive Corona 2020 aid package for cities and municipalities worth EUR 1 billion has just been launched. Nevertheless or precisely because of this, the municipalities will need efficient credit conditions in the current crisis. We guarantee this for our numerous customers with our expert knowledge and partnership-based support for loan tenders, including ongoing financing […]

“Custody fees” for savings from municipalities?

Can banks charge “custody fees” on municipal savings deposits? You have to know that in certain cases banks have to pay “penalty interest” of up to 0.5% for deposits with the European Central Bank (ECB) (with certain restrictions, directly or through the sector bank). For this reason, banks in Austria are increasingly beginning to charge […]