Update on negative interest rates on loans

Claims arising from non-compliant interest rate adjustment – negative interest The interest rate indicators for variable interest rate financing (such as Euribor or Libor) have generally reached negative levels beginning March 2015 (earlier in CHF terms). Unfortunately, this situation, which is generally favorable for municipalities and companies, is clouded by the fact that many of […]

FRC at the 69th Austrian Städtetag 2019

Visit us at the Städtetag in Rust from May 2019, 22nd – 24th in Rust. At the 69th Austrian Cities Conference 2019 in Rust, the FRC will be represented. We would like to discuss your financial topics with you. If you want to fix an appointment with us, contact support@frc-consult.com.

Case Study Services Municipalities

Our services Analysis and optimization of existing financing and formal review of contracts (conditions, rounding, contract clauses, interest surcharges, etc.) Creation of a balanced financing portfolio Financing alerts with the banks – we know the market and compare the financing parameters. Computational review of current cash flows (credit and leasing rates, interest rate adjustments, etc.) […]

FRC launches partnership with Kommunalnet…

Now that FRC-Finance & Risk Consult GmbH (FRC) has established itself as a well-known service provider for Austrian municipalities in the field of finance, FRC is starting a sustainable partnership with Kommunalnet. The purpose of this partnership is for the Austrian municipalities to gain sustainable know-how in the field of financing and risk management via […]

Satisfied Costumers…

The City of Neusiedl am See has successfully used our services in financing. By analyzing existing loans and taking advantage of the still rather low interest rates, it was possible to achieve a high level of savings for the city. Read more here: Savings Municipality Neusiedl am See. If there are any problems with the […]

Transfer of negative interest rates to borrowers

As is known, the interest rate for financing has declined significantly in recent years. The relevant interest rate indicators for variable-rate loans have, for years, fallen below the limit of 0 and are still negative (3M-EURIBOR since 2015, 3M-CHF-LIBOR since 2014). This favorable situation for borrowers is saddened by the fact that lenders often do […]

How do I hedge my FX risks?

The route is the goal… Setting up processes Within the scope of their business activities, payment flows in foreign currencies also occur regularly for companies. For the management of these, predefined rules and processes should be developed. For this, it is necessary to analyze the processes in the company. Thus, payment streams should be centrally […]

Der Querdenker – Municipality financial report 2015

News about the municipality finances … The Austrian municipal association published the  Gemeindefinanzbericht 2015. In summary, it can be seen that the communities have done well. The total debt of the municipalities has declined slightly. Fortunately, the municipalities in Lower Austria and Burgenland have reduced their debt levels more clearly than the average of all […]