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Hear what’s new in Altenmarkt an der Triesting.

Dear All! Episode 7 of our podcast “FRC On Air” has just gone online and we are celebrating a premiere with it. For the first time, we recorded directly with and with the customer – namely a brisk four-way talk with the Bürgermeister & Amtsleiter der Gemeinde Altenmarkt an der Triesting. Listen to and subscribe […]

Loan tender for the community of Wieselburg-Land

We were currently able to support and carry out a loan tender for around EUR 1.5 million for the community of Wieselburg-Land. Our satisfied customer, the community of Wieselburg-Land, reveals the result to you in the community newspaper on page 4. Our job: From preparation to implementation to contract review, recommendation and of course all […]

Investitionen von Gemeinden sichern Arbeitsplätze

Mr LAbg. Bürgermeister Balber reports at a press conference about the community packages that secure stability, planning security and jobs. Mayors and councilors became crisis managers. If you combine the investments with the right financing controlling, then this should usually lead to significant optimizations for the communal finances as well. Lesen Sie dazu auch bei […]


Digital knowledge management is also moving into the community rooms. Public Online also uses the FRC for this, thank you. Digitization is also important in the area of financing for cities and municipalities. Please email questions about the financing of communities or our range of services to You can find more information about FRC-Finance […]

FRC ON AIR Podcast #6 – Leasing

Our podcast, FRC ON AIR, leads us in episode 6 with our new employee, Magister Peter Asinger, on the subject of leasing. He has more than 30 years of experience, only in the leasing sector. Even if we find that municipal leasing is fundamentally in decline, it is worth reading up on existing contracts. With […]

Financing controlling plus digital credit platform , komuno AT

A multitude of issues arise in municipal financing. These make it seem sensible to install an external partner for your financing activities. That is why we have developed ongoing municipal finance controlling for municipalities. By setting up the loan portfolio in our systems, analyzing and monitoring the loan portfolio, those responsible always have an overview […]

FRC in the municipal trade press … our service, your questions

Thanks to public, the magazine for decision-makers in politics and administration, for my contribution about the currently attractive interest rates for cities and municipalities. Questions about the article: How long will it stay that way? Will the high liquidity remain in the market over the long term? Will long-term interest rates continue to rise? Is […]

FRC expands its product range of insurance solutions …

The demand from our customers on insurance issues has led FRC – Finance & Risk Consult GmbH (FRC), the financing and risk expert for cities and municipalities, to cooperate with the insurance service of HYPO NOE with immediate effect. HYPO NOE Versicherungsservice GmbH (HVS) is an independent insurance broker with expertise in the public sector. […]

Podcast FRC ON AIR, # 4 Personal customer contact is the key; BGM Mag. Stagl

How does FRC-Finance & Risk Consult’s customer contact with its partner communities work in practice? To clarify this question, managing director Heinz Hofstaetter also brings the mayor of Rust, Magister Gerold Stagl and his partner, Werner Lehner, in front of the microphone of the maddening podcast reporter. Hören Sie hier… Apple Podcast: Podcasts: […]

Attractive interest rates for your community, despite or precisely because of CORONA

Nutzen Sie die aktuelle Tiefzinsphase, um Ihre langfristigen Kommunalfinanzierungen mit attraktiven (Fix)Zinssätzen zu versehen. Die EURIBOR Sätze sind bekanntlich seit Jahren im Minus, aktuell mit rd. -0,5 %. Derzeit liegen aber auch (noch) einige langfristigen Referenzzinssätze im Minus. Was würden Sie sagen, wenn man den aktuellen Aufschlag der variablen Finanzierungen mit langen Restlaufzeiten halbieren und […]